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automated cashierQuick, Convenient, and Affordable!  Some call it the best VALUE in town, others the FASTEST car wash in town.  If your car is dirty and you’re in hurry, there’s no need to worry, Super-Suds Express is going to make your car shine!  At Super-Suds Express we understand that our customers have busy schedules, demand the highest quality, and want a great value.  With car wash options that take less than 3 minutes, start at $5 and come with a FREE self service vacuum, and using the most advanced equipment and chemicals in the area, we strive to meet our customers’ needs every day.  It is our mission to be Tallahassee’s #1 Car Wash!

You first encounter an ATM like touch screen auto cashier where you can select one of our three was packages: The Basic, The Deluxe or The ULTIMATE!  We accept cash, credit cards and quarters and the transaction is normally complete in less than one minute.  Change is returned in $1 bills so you don’t have to fill your cup holder with quarters.   Then, a futuristic gate opens prompting you to pull forward to the track where you are directed by the attendant.  Following a few brief instructions, you ride inside your vehicle through the tunnel while whirling, patriotic red, white and blue brushes do the dirty work.  The equipment is a mixture of high pressure spray nozzles, foam brushes and scratch free soft cloth, producing a super clean driving machine.  The biodegradable chemicals are specifically formulated to gently but effectively remove the dirt, grime, bugs and build up that cover your vehicle after normal driving.  The equipment is state of the art, with even the tire dressing put on automatically while you enjoy the three minute ride through the tunnel, never leaving your car.  After your wash, use one of our 18 vacuum stations to clean the interior.  We have a variety of one time use interior cleaning products for sale as well, to keep your vehicle’s appearance at its best. 

How Green are We?

vacuumDid you know that washing a car with a water hose at your home and leaving the hose running can use as much as 100 gallons of our precious drinking water supply?  Did you know that the soaps you wash down the drive way and into the storm drain go directly to our public lakes and streams and damage our local ecosystem?  That is why at Super-Suds Express we RECYCLE our water.  Over 70% of the water used to wash each vehicle is collected, stored and treated in underground tanks where solids, oils and contaminants are removed and used again in the wash process.  We also CONDITION our water which reduces the amount of chemicals needed to produce a clean car reducing packaging costs, over the road transportation and chemicals entering the sewer system.  By using less chemicals and capturing 100 percent of the water used in the wash tunnel and sending it to local waste water treatment facilities, we are helping Tallahassee become a more environmentally friendly community.

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